Friday, March 20, 2009

Symbols and Cartoons for Abstract Ideas

voices - ideas - listening - advocacy - sharing - participation - collaboration - knowledge - different perspectives (like the elephant from different sides?) - group discussion - international discussions - climate change

Many Voices:

Voices unheard:

Voices half-heard:

Small voices:

Gestures do voice:

Children DO have voices

Often heard

Still a minority

Bigger voice:

Technology has voice

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

There is so much to ...

.. post here. So much information and clippings collected. Trying to do too many things? Not exactly .. my scanner connection is out of order. And I cannot write a post without the visual. I am so much obsessed with pictures.

My dear `Development_drawings', I hope to get back to you soon.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tribal song in pictures

This book is published by SAKTI, a voluntary organization working for tribals

Modakondamma Tummeda padam is a Tribal song praising Modamma, now being worshipped as a diety, is in fact a woman who brought about a social change in the Tribal society. This song throws light on the geographical, political and sociological contexts of the past and encourages tribals to understand and adapt to current situations.

The sketches are drawn by me but are painted by my cousin, Ms. Kameswari who initiated me into painting during summer vacation in my childhood.

The Stop Press Drawing

This book was ready for publication after several revisions, additions and improvements by Dr. Sivaramakrishna, Director, SAKTI. Just before being sent to press he felt the need to include a drawing showing the roles of birds on the analogy of a King's court. That day I was away from their office and away even from my home, but managed to send a quick sketch over internet. That is how this picture found way into this great publication which is a first hand account of Tribal culture.

Passion turned into a profession

My father always used to say that one should a have a hobby which can possibly become a profession later in ones life. As a child I was into several hobbies, but drawing and lyric writing stayed with me.

Since my main profession of Agricultural Knowledge Management which deals with farmers, repackaging information in lyrics having public appeal and depicting the same in pictures made my information dissemination activities special. This way my two hobbies came to my rescue.

While I took a break in my career to raise my daughter myself, drawings became my staple profession. I was preparing sketches dipicting Tribal songs and stories for SAKTI, a voluntary organization working for tribals. I could do this assignment from home, baby-sitting my daughter and sharing her crayons and paints.

Now that she is grown up, I am back to my main profession - thesauri, ontologies and the like. Although my hands are busy my heart is open to accept small drawing assignments which bring me respite and punctuate my otherwise monotonous assignments.